World Sparrow Day is celebrated on 20th March every year and puts the spotlight on House Sparrows, which are now in danger. It aims at raising awareness about the conversation of the Common House Sparrows.

House sparrows once abounded virtually every continent of the world, from Australia to North America – so much so that they came to be popularly known as the Common House Sparrow. Now, the bird’s population is rapidly declining everywhere and India is no exception.

Lack of trees –the natural habitat, lack of food/water, pollution (in all forms), change in agricultural practices, and electromagnetic radiation released by mobile, internet and TV signals are some common reasons which are causing a decline in the population of these birds in the urban areas. Lack of cavity-nesting is also another reason. Newer buildings have a different structure that does not have many cavities to allow sparrows to build nests, especially buildings covered in glass.

The theme for World Sparrow Day this year is “I love sparrows” and attempts to unite people from all walks of life who share the sentiment to accelerate community-driven conservation efforts focused on sparrows. The theme is inspired by the hope that more and more people will come forward to celebrate the bond that humans have had with sparrows in the past.

When was first sparrow Day celebrated?

The First World Sparrow Day was organised in 2010. It was initiated by the Nature Forever Society of India and the Eco-Sys Action Foundation of France.

Who celebrates sparrow Day?

National Forever Society India, in collaboration Eco-Sys Action Foundation, started World Sparrow Day as an International Initiative. Many other National and International organisations across the globe also spread awareness about house sparrows and other birds who are on the verge of extinct.

The population of once common sparrow is significantly declining. Apart from pesticide use, changing architecture, pollution, few open spaces and vegetation left for the birds to blame say experts.

How we save the beautiful birds:

  • Put bird feeders and water bowls outside your house.
  • Grow more plants to keep the sparrows around.
  • Use less insecticides and pesticides.
  • Raise awareness about sparrows to your surroundings.

On World Sparrow Day we share unique thing, the only one plaque in world dedicated to sparrow is in Ahmedabad. Dedicated to a sparrow that died in March of 1974 in police firing.



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