World First Recycling Shopping Mall
World First Recycling Shopping Mall

World First Recycling Shopping Mall and zero carbon shopping mall in Sweden.

The world’s first recycling shopping mall, Re Tuna in Sweden, has ushered in a low-carbon shopping revolution where you can literally buy anything.

This means that the mall’s stores only sell previously used goods. Every day, people donate hundreds of used items.

After the donation at the municipal recycling center, the recycling mall professionals right next door bring items to sort, clean, fix and tag every item. The retailers here have developed their own business Plans and define their shop’s offer, profile, and brand.

This ensures that all received materials and products match one of the stores enabling a balance of supply and demand. Many shops have a workshop corner where they renovate or upgrade the used items before sale.

This initiative has helped divert tons of potential good products from being thrown away since it opened in August 2015. It’s helped small businesses generate millions in revenue.

The mall has become an international success story, with pre-owned product sales totaling USD 1.3 million in 2018.

Have a responsible shopping experience and refrain from mindless consumption even from the recycling mall/ secondhand stores.


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