Science Has More Types Of Definition And Many Streams For Study.

 – “Science Is The Experimental Knowledge Which Gain Through Observation And Experiment”. The Intellectual And Practical Activity Encompassing The Systematic Study Of The Structure And Behavior Of The Physical And Natural World Through Observation And Experiment.
Science Is The Systematic Study Of “Living And Non Living”.
Science Can Be Divided Into Different Branches Based On The Subject, But Mostly Science Has Divided In Two Branches.
1. Physical Science         2. Natural Science
1. Physical Science Has Divided In Different Types. Like Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Earth Science
2. Natural Science Has Divided In Different Types. Like Biology, Medicine, Social Science For Human Behavior -Economics, Anthropology
Science Is Like A Blessing For Humankind. Today We Have Advanced Because Of Science. Man’s Desire To go To The Moon Has Been Fulfilled. We Are Able To Sit At Home And Talk To People Whom Live’s In Another Country And They are In Front Of Us On Our Computer Screen. This Possible Through Science And Technology.
If We See, The Misuse Of Science In Our Society Is Continuously Happening.- Such As Stealing Any Information Without Asking It’s Owner, Pouring acid On The Body, Misuse Of Chemical To Carry Out Any Kind Of Activitis.
At This Time,The “Corona” Epidemic Has Taught Us That Our Health Science Still Needs More Progress, For Built a Advance Health Science. It’s Also Teach We That The Right Use Of Science Is Very Important. If We Use Wrong, Then We Are Creating a Circle Of Danger Not Only For Humans But For All Living Beings.