The world bee project is trying to capture these sounds to know the status of bee’s health.

This project is interconnecting  the network of beehives globally. The collect Granular data like Weight, Temperature, Sound Etc. Using loT sensors in this network and then analyse it using cloud computing and Al.
This will enable them to convey the aggregated information to the stakeholders and will help in determining the overall status of bees health.
The importance of pollinators like bees in our ecosystem cannot be enough emphasised. More than three quarter of the crop production is dependent on them, their pollinated seeds are the feed for other species like birds and insects, they improve yield, nutrition and are a source of livelihood for millions of people. All of this is getting affected due to the number of human activities and climate change. in all this, this hive network is impressive and may bring promising results that improve bees health and thus our health too.
Have you ever wondered, How many times your voice changes during the day? And what does that tell about the status of your health? if not,try it. Not only humans,it applies to the other creatures on the planet too. Like,the be buzz !