Archeologist have discovered painting in Colombia about 12,500 years old. They are much older than the current history. Some of these animals have now disappeared on the earth which appeared in painting.

This paintings made by Primitive Human, in these painting include Giant Sloth, Horses of the ice-age and the Disappeared Camels. Based on the painting, It can be guessed what creatures were there on the earth 12,500 years ago. These rock painting were originally discovered by researchers from Britain and Colombia in 2017 but that time this research was confidential. Britain’s channel 4 made a documentary series on it. The series, titled “Jungle Mystery  : Lost Kingdom Of The Amazon” Was released in December 2020.

Some paintings are more than 19,000 years old. in this picture you can see humans are hunting eating and dancing together. Based on these new discoveries, anthropologist will explore how? Humans lived in the amazon forests during the ice-age. Many tribes living in the amazon jungles still follow the customs of thousands of year old.

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