Zara Rutherford has become the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe in a single and small plane. She made this record with 60 stops on five continents

Zara Rutherford has air traveled around the world at the age of just 19. She is of British descent and hails from Belgium.

Rutherford do this feat of circling the Earth in a small plane. When she landed in Belgium, four planes welcomed her.

Zara Rutherford has set a world record for traveling 51 thousand kilometers. She says the most difficult was to fly over Siberia because it was so cold there.

Zara orbited the Earth in five months and traveled to 52 countries. It took her two more months due to bad weather, for 41 days she was stuck in Russia. She also had to spend One month in Alaska, USA.

Pilot Zara Rutherford said that her dream is travel to space by becoming an astronaut. She also wants to inspire girls like herself to become pilots or pursue their dreams.

Zara’s parents are also pilots. She says girls should be encouraged to study science and technology