Red Banana’ 

Scientific Name : Musa Acuminta ‘Red Dacca’

Origin : South East Asia

Hindi Name : Lal Kela

{ Red Banana Are A Subgroup Of Bananas From South-East Asia With Red Skin }

Red Bananas Are A Group Of Varieties OF Banana With Reddish-Purple Skin. Some Are Smaller And Plumper Than The Common Cavendish Banana, Others Much Larger When Rip, Raw Red Bananas Have A Flesh That Is Cream To Light Pink In Color. This Is Softer And Sweeter Than The Yellow Cavendish Varieties, Some With A Slight Raspberry.

Benifit :-

Red Banana Contain Many Important Nutrients Like Rich In Vitamin C, Potassium And Vitamin B6 And Amount Of Fiber. It Is Good For The Heart And Digestive Health.
Nutrition Value In One Small Banana
Calories  90calories
Carbs  21 g
Protein 1.3 g
Fat 0.3 g
Fiber 3 g
Potassium 9% Of The Reference Daily Intake
Vitamin B6 28% Of The RDI
Vitamin C 9% Of The RDI
Magnesium 8% Of The RDI
Red Banana Helps In Lower Blood Pressure, Eye Health, supporting In Immunity, Support In Digestion And Digestive Health.
Lower Blood Pressure : Red Banana Useful For Lower Blood Pressure Patient. Research Said That Potassium-Rich Foods May Help Reduce Blood Pressure And We Know That ‘Red Bananas’ Are Rich In Potassium. Potassium Is A Mineral Essential For Heart Health Due To It’s Role In Regulating Blood Pressure. 
            – Another Important Mineral For Blood Pressure Control Is Magnesium. One Small Red Banana Provide About 8% Of Your Daily Needs For This Mineral. According To Research 100mg Magnesium  Intake By Patient Of High Blood Pressure, There Decrease 5% UpTo Risk Of High Blood Pressure.
Eye Health : According To Research You Contain Lutein-Rich Foods On Daily Basis. It’s Can Reduce UpTo 26% Risk Of Late Age Related Macular Degeneration-

    “AGE RELATED MACULAR DEGENERATION (AMD) : AMD Is A Type Of Eye Disease And One Of Main Cause Of Blindness”

            – Beta Carotene Is Another Carotenoid That Supports Eye Health And Red Banana Rich In Carotene More Than Other Banana Varieties.There Is A Process Which Converted Beta Carotene In Vitamin A In Your Body.
Red Bananas Rich In Antioxidant Which Help In Preventing Cell Damage By Radicals And Lower Risk Of Certain Disease.
Supporting In Immune : According To Research Vitamin C Are Booster Vitamin For Our Immunity And We Know ‘Red Banana’ Are Rich In Vitamin C Which Helps In Boot Our Immunity And Protect Us From More Infection.
Support In Digestion And Digestive Health : According To Research 8g Of Fructoligo Saccharide Per Day For 2 Weeks You Get Result On Increasing Population Of Benificial Gut Bacteria By 10 Times. 
        Red Banana Rich In Prebiotics And Fibre,Which Support Optimal Digestion And Many Reduce Your Risk Of IBD.
Soil And Climate : Red Banana Farming Needs That Gets Plenty Of Direct Sunlight Location. This Plant Are Lover Of Heat Of Sun Light. It’s Need Long , Sunny Growing Period Of Around Nine To 15 Months.
        – Red Banana Needs Warm And Subtropical Adequate Moisture And Protection From Wind. Most Varieties Of Red Bananas Better Grow In Bright Or Direct Sun Light Exposed Which Contact With Sun light More Than 10 Hour. There Atmophere Should Be High Humadity. Ideal Temperature Level Is Around 26 To 30 °C.
        – Soil Type Are ‘Loam Soil’ And Needs Rich Moisture And Well Drained Soil With 40% Clay, 75% Slit. Banana Prefer More Acidic Soil. Which Between 5.5 To 6.5 P.H Soil Make Red Banana Susceptible To Panama Disease.
[ Red Bananas Need Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium With Ratio Of 3:1:6 And Micronutrients To Ensure The Plant’s Grow Vigorously ]