University : University of Bergen

Number Of Seat : Two

Discipline or Department: Department of Biological and Medical Psychology.

Period Of Position : 4 Year

Educational Qualification : Master’s Degree In MNT (Mathematics, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry or Technology) Or Neuroscience.

Future Promotion : Yes, Your Promotion Is Based On Your Work And Qualification.

More Information : The appointment as PhD candidate will be made on the basis of previous education and former scientific work, as well as quality and relevance of idea and plans for the research projects.

Please note that the project must be designed and developed in collaboration with the relevant research group. To be able to apply for the position, you must first contact a potential supervisor or research group and develop a project description. More information on research groups can be found at the Department of Biological and Medical Psychology website. ( Click Here )
Alternatively, you can contact the Head of Department/Deputy who will then guide you to a relevant research group/supervisor.

The project must qualify the candidate for admission to the PhD program at the Faculty of Psychology.


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