Indian Packaging Institute Train Farmers For Packing Of Litchi

Indian Packaging Institute train farmers for packing of litchi, The purpose of training are develop skills in local litchi farmers for Better Packaging, Marketing and Branding of litchi.

The packing level will be upgraded for better marketing and branding of litchi. For this, training will be provided to litchi farmers through the Indian Institute of Packaging. After the inclusion of litchi of Muzaffarpur, Bihar in the “One District-One Product” scheme, the ‘Import-Export Bank of India’ has taken initiative at the level of marketing and branding.

On December 3, the issue was discussed in a meeting of officials of Import-Export Bank, ‘Litchi Farmers Union’, Researcher and Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) Officers at the National Litchi Research Center in Muzaffarpur (Bihar).

In this, better packaging was proposed by the union. There may be a plan to send the leading farmers to Mumbai for training in the last week of March.

Bachcha Prasad Singh, president of the Litchi Farmers Union, says that the packing of the fruit should be done in a carton instead of a wooden box. This was also proposed in the meeting.

According to him, the quality of the litchi will be maintained by the carton packing and the packaging will also be attractive.

Size of cartons can be selected according to the weight and need, With attractive printing. litchi farmers will also be able to do their own branding. This facility is not available in wooden packing.

The wooden box costs Rs 75, while the carton comes for Rs 40 to 50. Its price also depends on the size. If the carton designed by the packaging institute is used for packing litchi, the shelf life of litchi will increase.

Expect Better production Of This Year

According to the scientist of the National Litchi Research Center, despite the good weather last year, there was a lot of damage to the fruits due to unfavorable weather, small fruits fell down. This had an effect on production. Production was expected to be one lakh tonnes, but only 50 thousand tonnes could be achieved.

Due to rain in the initial months of this year, there was no time to plow and fertilize the litchi orchards. Still, there is a good sight on the trees. If the weather is favorable, the production is estimated to be 75 thousand tonnes.


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