Many genetic diseases have spread in Pakistan due to breeding with relatives. According to health experts, until the clerics do not understand this, these diseases will continue to spread.

Marriage in the family is considered religious in Islam. The clerics claimed that such marriages take place according to the Sharia law of Islam and the traditions of the Paigamber Muhammad. But according to health, it is giving birth to a new disease.

A report came in 2017 regarding genetic mutations in Pakistan. According to this report, the level of offspring with the same inheritance in the heterogeneous composition of the population of Pakistan is very high. Because of this, genetic diseases are coming to the fore.

The report presents the Genetic Mutation Database of Pakistan. The mutations in this database can be tracked which are responsible for such diseases. According to the database, more than 1,000 mutations have been detected in 130 different gene-related diseases reported in Pakistan.

Huma Arshad Cheema is a Doctor. She monitors the health, behavior and pshycic of children from birth to adulthood. Cheema said that genetic diseases have become a burden on Pakistan due to breeding in close relation.

According to Dr. Cheema, in castes or tribes where marriage is common within the family, special disorders can be seen in them. Currently, the inherited blood disorder Thalassemia is the most common in Pakistan. In this disease, the red blood cells of the blood are unable to absorb oxygen.

Genetic testing and prenatal screening to detect genetic diseases are not yet widely available in Pakistan. According to Cheema, many hospitals and clinics in the country do not even have the capacity to treat genetic diseases.