Eiffel Tower Will Go Dark Early Night
Eiffel Tower Will Go Dark Early Night

Eiffel Tower Will Go Dark Early Night, The lights on the Eiffel Tower will begin shutting off earlier than usual in order to preserve power amid Europe’s worst energy crisis since the 1970s, according to a Tuesday announcement from Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Turning off the tower’s lights is part of Hidalgo’s larger plan to save at least 10% of Paris’ energy consumption in the winter months. While municipal buildings will go dark at 10 pm, the Eiffel Tower will shut off its lights at 11:45 pm. Roughly 4% of the tower’s annual energy expenditures stem from lighting it up at night, according to the monument’s website.

Other actions in the mayor’s plan include lowering temperatures in public buildings, reducing the water temperature in swimming pools, and axing hot water in administrative buildings and some public buildings. However, Parisian officials claim these changes will not impact buildings that service vulnerable people specifically.

Europe’s energy crisis is one of the many ripple effects of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. European nations have overwhelmingly supported Ukraine in its defense against Russian forces, but those same nations have historically been extremely reliant on Russian energy exports. Earlier this month, Russia indicated it will not reopen the crucial Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which supplies natural gas to many other countries, a tactic European officials have called ‘energy blackmail, according to PBS.


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