Diesel Auto | Image : Prashant Kumar

State Government Decide Ban Diesel Auto-rickshaws In Municipal Areas Of Patna City After 31 March 2022

The state government has decided to allow only compressed natural gas (CNG) autos and e-rickshaws in the municipal areas of Patna and other urban pockets like Danapur, Kha gaul and Phulwarisharif from April 1, while there will be a complete ban on diesel and pet rol autos in the specified areas..

Transport secretary Sanjay Kumar Agarwal said the move is aimed at curbing city’s air pollution, which has spiked due to vehicular emission.

“Although the order was to be implemented earlier in December 2020, it was extended due to Covid-19 outbreak. Now, the department will ensure the ban on diesel and petrol autos in urban areas of Patna and neighbouring areas from April 1”.

“The district transport office will impose the ban and they will also ensure that no diesel and petrol autos will ply in PMC area, Dana pur, Khagaul and Phulwarisharif. If any diesel and petrol autorickshaw is caught plying, it will be seized and its permit will be cancelled. But the auto drivers, free to run their vehicles in rural areas,”

Around 15,000 CNG and petrol-converted autos and 12,000 e-rickshaws are plying on Patna roads,  according to transport department, around 800 diesel autos are also there in the urban areas.

“The department has already asked their owners to get CNG fitted for which the state government will give Rs40,000 as subsidy Since the order was passed.

To cater the needs of the CNG autos, 15 filing stations have been set up in Patna while five more will be operational by this month. The state has also made it mandatory for the petrol pumps to install CNG facility.

Meanwhile, the Bihar State Auto Chalak Sangh on Tuesday convened a meeting with auto drivers and announced that they will stage a protest march on March 28 and 29 if the government failed to extend the deadline of banning diesel autos.

Raj Kumar Jha, general secretary of the association, said around 70% drivers have either converted their autos to CNG or bought new vehicles, but 7,500 diesel autos are still in Patna urban area.

“We have demanded from the government to increase the subsidy amount for purchasing CNG auto as Rs40,000 is not enough be cause one such auto costs up to Rs3.5 lakh, excluding the other charges.

Secondly, there is less CNG filing stations due to which the drivers are facing problem. They have to stand in queue for 3-4 hours to refill the gas. So, we want extension of the deadline”.


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