Birth12 February 1809
Died19 April 1982
AwardsCopley Medel (1864)

Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution by Charles Robert Darwin Who was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist, best known for his contributions to evolutionary biology. His proposition that all species of life have descended from common ancestors is now widely accepted and considered a fundamental concept in science

Darwin brought about a tremendous scientific change in our thinking about some fundamental questions, such as who are we, where do we come from, why do we live, and why do we exist.

Science took a huge leap forward thanks to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin’s theory established that no external or internal divine force or creator has any hand in the origin of life on earth, but life originated due to chemical reactions and physical processes, and that too from non-living substances!

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After the publication of Darwin’s book Origin of Species, Scientific world was panic and it was fiercely opposed. This new knowledge and understanding of Darwin challenged religious beliefs. The Church and its followers did not accept Darwin’s theory of evolution at all.

He said that Darwin’s theory would eliminate the difference between humans and animals.
The biggest allegation that Darwin theory questioned the existence of God, his son Jesus, and the Bible, the main scripture of Christians. According to the beliefs of Christianity, God created the universe once and for one time.

According to him, the creation of man is not very old. About six thousand years ago man was created in the same form as man is today. In the same way, the other variable and non-moving creatures of the universe were also created in this form and they are complete.

On the basis of painstaking, well thought-out and scientific study throughout his life, he prepared a description of the development of life. As he also writes in 1859, ‘every new species, carrying with it some changes, emerges from an ancestor species.’

Due to Darwin’s theory, there was a revolution in biology and it was also criticized a lot. But in the last about 200 years, new evidence has come to the fore about bio-evolution and today it has become the most recognized theory in the world of science. due to Darwin’s theory of Who are we?, Where have we come from?, Where are we going? The answers so far to basic questions like these are very rich and concrete.

Darwin’s theory of evolution became the basic basis of modern biology, as noted by the modern biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky, ‘If there is no light of the theory of evolution, nothing in biology seems meaningful.’

However, after so many years of Darwin, biology has made so much progress that today we know such details, which if we told Darwin, he would be surprised.


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