Botany Degree
Botany Degree Is Four or Three Year course

What is Botany Degree ?

The three or four year course in biology stream where we study about plant life this is called Botany or Degree of Botany.

What is Botany ?

Botany is a part of Biology in which we study about Plants. or The study of plant life based on Physiological, Ecological, Taxonomic and Morphological characters.

The term ‘botany’ derived from the Greek word ‘botane’.

Who studies ‘Botany’ is known as a ‘Botanist’.

Greek scholar Theophrastus was the First Botanists of the world. He is also known as the “Father of Botany”. They write “Enquiry into Plants” Book in 350 BC – c. 287 BC

Types Of Botany ?

The botany are divided in many types Plant Pathology, Bacteriology, Mycology, Phycology, Bryology, Pteridology, Archaeobotany, Forensic Botany, and PaleoBotany.

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What We Study In Botany Degree Course
Cytology – The study of cell structure
Plant genetics – Study of Genetic inheritance in plants
Epigenetics – Study of Control of gene expression
Plant taxonomy – Classification and naming of plants
Plant physiology – The study of Life functions in plants
Plant morphology – Study of plant structure
Plant reproduction – Study of reproduction process in plants
Plant systematic – Classification and naming of plants
Palynology – study of Pollen and spores
Phenology – Study of germination, flowering and fruiting
Phytochemistry – Study of plant Hormone and chemical processes
Plant biochemistry – The study of Chemical processes of primary and secondary metabolism
Plant anatomy – Study of structure or body of plant
Seed Technology – The study seed production, maintenance, quality and preservation technology
Phytogeography – Plant Biogeography and distributions
Phytosociology – The study of Plant communities and interactions
Plant ecology – Role and function of plants in the environment
Plant evolutionary developmental biology – Study of plant development and evolutionary
Paleobotany – Here we study of fossil plants and plant evolution

What is Career Opportunity after Botany Degree ?

The Botany Career opportunity are available in both Private and Government sectors. you wok as Conservationist, Taxonomist, Plant Biochemist, Ecologist, Plant Physiologist, Plant Geneticist, Morphologist, Fruit Grower, Cytologist and Plant Researcher.

If you want start your own business after getting degree in botany then you can starts Nursery, Plant Breeding Centre, Gardener, and Gardening Consultancy.



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